Friday, August 9, 2013

Testing, 1, 2- Is this thing still on?

Hi everyone. I just wanted to see if anyone familiar has been around lately. How has everyone been? I tried finding my old "crowd", but I only found Vidkid and The Mare's Nest (so AE and FuryRed got some 'splaining to do!).
I'm doing alright, I guess. My life has gone another complete 180 since last year. My Father was diagnosed with lung cancer last fall and then he passed away last month. It's been really hard lately and we're trying to take it day-by-day, but I guess that's all I want to say about it because it still feels weird thinking that he's gone. I've spent a lot of time with family lately and that's been helping so far.

My brother and I got accepted and enrolled into college (I'm not naming the college for privacy reasons, once again, but I'll tell anyone who's curious privately!). I'm not exactly 100% sure what I want to major in yet, but I'm thinking about economics right now. We both got a ton of scholarships, both from outside the school and from the school itself, which is really great, because until April, we weren't even sure if we would be able to go to college due to financial issues. Insurance companies are mean, basically, so our college funds were used for hospital expenses. But thankfully we at least still get to go to college without taking out loans (at the moment *knocks on wood*). I'm just glad I'm leaving high school because basically from the second half of junior year until May of senior year I was trapped in a circle of drama and toxic people (hint: Just because you have self esteem issues doesn't mean you get to treat people like sh*t and not get called out on it or any of your rude behavior ever) and I'm glad I left before it got to me even worse.

I still play The Sims 3. I like it a lot more now than I did a while ago (like last winter or even last summer, I think). I now have added University, Supernatural, and Seasons to my collection. I bought Supernatual and Seasons on sale, because I still don't really like EA. For University, I bought it on Amazon using gift cards I earned from and Bing Rewards. You basically do online tasks like filling out surveys, watching videos, or searching phrases, and you get gift cards when you reach a certain amount of points. It's good because I don't really have any money left to spend on The Sims 3 or video games (I still can't drive, so that means no job, either), so at least I could still stay updated on my hobbies. The main Sims blog I have/go on/forget about now is Sims-etc on Tumblr. As you can see, I only have a handful of posts on, so I'm still not that active. Tumblr's CC community is way better. Here's a tip. Google "sims 3 base game compatible" for some cool stuff. They also have a lot of more diverse hairstyles, with curly hair, afros, braids, and dreads, to make up for what EA never did. I don't think I'm getting the Sims 4. It would have to come with diamonds and rubies sewn into the box for me to play. Not because I'm bored of The Sims or anything, but I'd rather just complete my TS3 collection than start completely brand new and wait for my favorite EPs to come out. I mean, if they have cool features or whatever, I might check it out, but if it's going to have more and more "goal themed" EPs like World Adventures or the Future thing, I'll pass.

Wow, I'm just looking around on my old posts over here, and I was seriously such a little kid when I wrote these stuff! So many of my complaints/issues were so small back then! Why did I have entire tags devoted to Farmville and iCarly? The only interests I still have from when I blogged here is Degrassi, The Sims (of course), Friends, and The Nanny. And this entire blog is 3 years old... I have relatives younger than that! Wow, time flies. I might actually stick around to Blogspot because I liked their format more for blogging, or if I ever need to get away from Tumblr. I wouldn't actually count on it, but yeah, hope everyone is doing well!  

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  1. Hello! Welcome back!

    Sorry to hear about your dad, but good to hear you're in college and still simming.

    You'll probably have a better time in college. People just in general out of high school seem a lot more like adults. Still be careful and focus on your studies.

    As for Sims 4, from the leak pics so far you'll not missing anything. lol

    But yeah I'm still around. Working at the moment, but I've manage to pop in when I can. And yay you missed me! I feel special. I missed you too. ^_^